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Hi, I'm Amelia Birch. Your Personal Sommelier.

Want to provide the best and most cost-effective drinks at your wedding? Trained Sommelier Amelia Birch (aka. Your P.S.) will take care of it.

It is largely agreed that high quality alcohol offered at an event as special as a wedding, never goes unappreciated, always adding to the joy of the occasion.

With her 14 years of food, beverage and events experience, trained sommelier Amelia Birch understands this, offering a service that is designed to make the selection, purchase and delivery of wedding beverages (at BYO venues) as easy, affordable and enjoyable as possible!

About Amelia

Amelia Birch is a trained Sommelier and has 14 years food, beverage and events experience. She started her fine-dining career working at glass brasserie at the Hilton Hotel in 2006, where she was exposed to a wine list of over 1,000 wines, under the guidance of industry-leading Sommeliers. 

She went on to own and operate her own restaurant The Book Kitchen in Surry Hills, where she curated an ever-changing wine list, working closely with knowledgeable wine representatives, as well as hosting numerous wine-related events.

 Since 2017, Amelia has been consulting to a premium garden wedding destination, Merribee on the NSW South Coast, advising on all aspects of business, operations, marketing and sales.

Amelia’s experience and network of great wine minds, allows her to bring a holistic set of skills, expertise and understanding of the wine industry to ensure you are getting the best possible product, from the best vineyards, at the best price – whist enjoying the experience!

What Amelia guarantees to her clients:

  • Personalised wine tasting + beverage consultations with Amelia Birch (aka Your P.S.) in Sydney;
  • A curated range of wines from great vintages, from the best regions around the world, having negotiated the best prices available;
  • Ensuring the selected wines etc. are aligned with each couples’ budget;
  • Packages that include all aspects of a clients’ wedding beverages: beer, spirits, cocktail & non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Correctly calculated beverage quantities needed for each individual event, according to a carefully tested formula;
  • Coordinated delivery of all beverages to each individual BYO wedding venue;
  • Communicating all the beverage details directly to the specific caterer ie. Cocktail recipes etc;
  • In the event of any oversupply, returns available (although this rarely happens)!