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Love Stories by Sarah
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Our lives are one big story, and there are some of us who are lucky enough to have love in that story. No matter whether your story is quirky, sweet or something else, it is special and should be celebrated.

Your wedding ceremony should be a celebration of your story, and your love for each other. It doesn’t mean that your ceremony should be long, but I believe it should look, sound and feel like the two of you.

Your ceremony is an important step of your next chapter as a couple. An important moment with the people you cherish in your life. It’s my promise to you to get to know the both of you, and together we can create a ceremony that suits your story.


I've spent my professional career in creative industries, where I’ve helped write and bring stories to life. I’ve studied human behaviour and relationships and what makes us tick. It was a few years ago, during the planning of my own wedding, I looked back on all of the weddings that I had been to and reaslised how special the ceremony really was. I thought that it should therefore be more genuine, more reflective of the couple, more creative and delivered seamlessly.

The idea for Love Stories actually came out of not only what I do for a day job, but it was also the theme from my own wedding. It felt only appropriate to take something close to my heart and share it with couples celebrating their own big day.

When it comes to your day, my style is to make the ceremony about you (as it should be), and not me and my style of presentation. I consider myself like the perfect waiter. I help facilitate an amazing occasion, but let the guests enjoy the festivities without an outsider being the centre of attention.

​I’m absolutely honoured to work with couples during one of life’s major milestones. To get to know them, their love and help bring their vision for the ceremony to life. I honestly can’t wait to meet you, and your fiancé so you can tell me about your love story and what you'd like for your ceremony.