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AHARA HEALTH is a complementary medicine and natural health clinic in Newport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The word ahara originates from the Ayurvedic practice of ‘using food to nourish ones body and mind’. It is with these principles that AHARA HEALTH was established.

At AHARA HEALTH, we have a unique and individualised focus on health; using Naturopathic and wholefood nutritional principles to nourish the body and mind, boost health and support overall wellness.

Our practitioners have a passion for nutritional and western herbal medicine, using food to nourish the body and lifestyle influences to encourage wellbeing.

As a collective, we care about you. Our aim is to support individuals and families to reach their health goals, develop simple and achievable lifestyle changes and establish the healthy lifestyle that we all crave. Most of all we want our clients to learn along the way, and fall in love with health.

We have teamed up with local celebrants and wedding studios to offer clients health packages to get them ready for their big day, support wellness and stress and when ready support pre-conception care to help make healthy babies! 

- Women's health
- Adrenal and stress support 
- Digestive health 
- Wholefood nutrition advice and supporting including meal plans and recipes
- preconception care + childrens health 

You can find out more about AHARA HEALTH through out website or social media @ahara_health (instagram)  or    /aharahealth (facebook)