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Already booked your venue, but need some help planning the rest of your wedding? This is the package for you. From your florist to your band, and everything in between, our Head Wedding Planner Ally is available to help you find the best suppliers for your perfect day. You’ll be booking your dream wedding team, within budget, in no time.


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Phone call with our Head Wedding Planner Ally to kick-start your planning

Get started with a call with our Head Wedding Planner (30mins). We’ll discuss your wedding goals and budget so we can prepare our suggestions for your Key Suppliers.

Your very own "Golden List of Suppliers"
We prepare a hand-picked list of suggested suppliers that are perfect for your big day (we only work with the best!) This includes up to 6 categories - usually the florist, photographer, stylist, celebrant and other key supplier types that you'd like help with.

Easily comparable quotes
We’ll request availability and packages from the suppliers and venues you like best, to save you time and ensure you get the best offer. We’ll make sure the quotes are ready for you to review, side-by-side in your wedBooker planning dashboard.

30min wrap up call
Once you’ve considered our supplier suggestions, have a 30min call with our Head Wedding Planner to chat over your favourite options. This call will help guide you to choose the right suppliers for your big day.

Pop the bubbly!*

Once you’ve booked your key Suppliers with wedBooker and you've ticked off everything in your online wedding checklist, we’ll send you a bottle of bubbly to celebrate with your partner (’cause you deserve it!)

VIP Membership Rates
If you need any further advice throughout the planning process, this package will give you access to VIP rates with our support packages. For as little as $29 you’ll be able to book a follow up call with our Head Wedding Planner if you need some extra advice.

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