Review Policy

Photo: Andreas Holm

How do reviews work?

Except for the first two reviews, which we permit for Suppliers & Venues to source (if they wish) from previous wedding work prior to joining wedBooker, all reviews on wedBooker are written Couples from our community.

Reviews open for Couple’s to post on a Supplier/Venue immediately after confirming their booking of the Supplier/Venue.  If no review has been provided 7 days after the event date, wedBooker sends a reminder to the Couple encouraging them to review the Supplier/Venue.

Writing a review

To leave a review on a Supplier/Venue, simply click on the notification of “Review Supplier/Venue” in your dashboard. Please note that reviews are limited to 350 words and must be in accordance with wedBooker’s Content Policy.

Our community relies on honest, transparent reviews. We will remove a review if we find that it violates this Policy, the Content Policy or wedBooker’s Terms and Conditions.  wedBooker also reserves the right to delete a User’s account in accordance with wedBooker’s Terms and Conditions.

Suppliers/Venues can check reviews

wedBooker will notify a Supplier/Venue once their business has received a review. wedBooker encourages businesses to check the reviews they receive. If a Supplier/Venue believes that a review posted is not in accordance with wedBooker’s Content Policy, this Policy, wedBooker’s Terms and Conditions then the business should contact wedBooker immediately here.

If a Review provided is 3 stars or below, wedBooker is notified and will check that the business is delivering the services required of wedBooker’s professional community. Please see wedBooker’s Terms and Conditions regarding wedBooker’s ability to remove Suppliers/Venues from the platform.


As part of the reviews process, Couple’s are encouraged to provide a star rating to the Supplier/Venue across 4 areas.  This rating is then averaged to provide the Supplier/Venue with an overall rating for that job.

Suppliers/Venues are also provided with an overall star rating on the front of their profile, which is an aggregate of all of the ratings provided for that Supplier/Venue. Where no ratings have been provided, the Supplier/Venue will have a “New to wedBooker” badge.

Other avenues to provide feedback

In addition to wedBooker’s Ratings & reviews, Couples can provide private feedback to Suppliers/Venues (via the private messaging system). wedBooker also encourages all users to provide feedback on the marketplace, which can be provided here.