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We are so happy to finish Season 2 with a bang, leaving you with confidence that 2021 will be the year of the wedding and what better way to do so than to share the insights we received from a number of wedBooker’s incredible wedding suppliers on how weddings in 2021 are shaping up. If you’re a 2021 bride, groom, or hope to be, we know you’ll love this ep.

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It’s no secret that in 2020 thousands of couples were forced to cancel, postpone or downsize their dream wedding day. The emotional and sometimes financial impact this had on couples is truly heartbreaking and wedBooker has been here to support you through this challenging time.

While showing support and offering a helping hand to each and every couple we could, the wedBooker team has also offered support and assistance to the incredible suppliers that have also been affected by COVID-19 this year. These suppliers are often small, family run businesses that were born out of a love for the creative process and ensuring your dream day comes to life. It is these suppliers that can also provide us the greatest insight into how 2021 is shaping up, is it really going to be the year of the Wedding?

We share some insights into 2021 from a few of our amazing Wedding Suppliers including stationery designer Studio Silva, wedding planner and stylist Forever Us, Louise Antonjuk Makeup Artist, Dolce Vita Photography and Kahuna Duo.

Do you think we will be seeing a Wedding Boom in 2021?

The short answer is, yes, definitely!

Wedding Planners, Florists and stylists Forever Us, have seen an increase in bookings spanning across the next 3 years, not only is 2021 shaping up to be the Year of the Wedding but we are in for celebrations for years to come.

In fact, on average our suppliers saw 90% of their bookings postponed and rebooked for shiny new 2021 dates. In the last couple of months, they’ve even heard from couples who cancelled their 2020 plans come back and re-book for 2021, which is amazing.

How many weddings were postponed in 2020 and when have they re-booked for?

We spoke to so many of our amazing suppliers and these numbers varied a little, depending on the service they provide but it seems on average 60-70% of couples postponed their 2020 wedding and re-booked 2021 dates.

While the date couples chose to postpone to was dependent on when they made the decision to postpone, our suppliers did say of the couples who choose new dates at the start of 2021, January through April, around 30% of them have now re-postponed for a second time due to the current COVID-19 restrictions placed on weddings.

Couples who are securing new 2021 dates now are selecting dates in the second half of the year, September to December, and some even opting for early 2022, January through April.

What about weekday weddings, are suppliers seeing an increased number of weekday or midday weddings booked for 2021?

The majority of the suppliers we spoke to said yes, let me share some of their feedback with you directly.

Forever Us (Planner, Flowers, Styling) said ‘Although we have not noticed an increase in winter, off peak weddings or weekday weddings, it had been difficult for some of our couples to organise all the vendors to be available on the same day with some couples having to settle for a weekday wedding (Friday’s mostly).’

While make-up artist Louise Antonyok has seen a huge increase in weekday bookings stating ‘Yes definitely a big increase in weekday weddings. I think mainly because a lot of weekends are already booked out especially in peak seasons and it’s also generally cheaper. Also couples are more likely to get their dream team of vendors available.  ‘

What about an increase in Winter Weddings?

This is one that I really hoped would become a trend in 2021, the beauty of a Winter Wedding is sometimes under-rated, and our suppliers tended to agree.

Forever Us said a big yes to more Winter wedding bookings in 2021. While Studio Silva who are stationery dream makers said they have actually always created stationery and taken bookings through Winter, they love the colour pallets a winter wedding offers and feel their clients appreciate the aesthetic and comfort you get at a Winter wedding. Making 2021 possibly the year of Weekday and Winter weddings.

Are couples being more cautions and pulling back on their spending?

We do expect couples to pull back their budget a little for two reasons; firstly so many of us have felt the financial impacts of COVID-19, meaning things need to be re-jigged a little. Secondly, people are starting to appreciate the beauty of a small, intimate or less ‘luxury’ wedding after COVID-19 almost forced us to consider smaller weddings due to the social distancing restrictions.

Our suppliers also agree. Forever Us said they are seeing couples pulling back on their styling, while Dolce Vita Photography is noticing more couples booking smaller packages or downsized photography and video packages, however this may just be because the weddings are smaller as well. Interestingly, Studio Silva suggested that couples are taking a bit more of DIY approach to stationery now and they are starting to opt for digital invitations and management which may not necessarily be cheaper but does remove some of the stress and makes tracking RSVPs easy.

With COVID19 and the restrictions, we’ve seen more mini, micro weddings as well as elopements, will we continue to see these more intimate celebrations in 2021?

This one was a big yes from all of the suppliers we spoke to, it seems a more intimate wedding of 30-60 pax in a boho/ rustic backyard style is on the rise. With so much uncertainty floating around with regards to when lockdowns will be lifted in Melbourne, or social distancing restrictions removed, couples are playing it safe and downsizing their big day.

Some couples are feeling the pressure and downsizing because they have to, while others are seeing the bright side and taking this as the perfect excuse not to invite their 5th cousin, their extended family or those additional guests that can quickly see your guest numbers go from 60 to 120 in the blink of an eye.

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Talking to our amazing wedding suppliers about their plans for 2021 was so insightful and really left us with a warm and fuzzy feeling for next year. We hope that you got as much out of this episode as we did and are feeling inspired to continue planning your 2021 wedding.

As always, keep in touch with us via wedBooker’s Instagram @wedbooker and don’t forget to check out the support packages wedBooker has on offer!

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