We have long been a fan of the floral expertise of the fabulous Carla and Jess from The Ivy League.  Having witnessed the floral artistry first hand, we were absolutely thrilled to welcome them to our professional community.  We had a chat with Carla from The Ivy League, and gained an insight into one of wedBooker’s newest suppliers. We can’t wait to work with The Ivy League and welcome them officially to wedBooker!

Happy reading! xo

Carla, can you please tell us a little about The Ivy League and why you and Jess decided to start up your own business.

“Creating The Ivy League was such a natural fit for us – so natural I can’t even remember the pivotal point where it all started! We met whilst studying floristry and had worked at a florist together and then freelanced together on the wedding and event circuit and naturally just started helping each other out with work. We’re both really different and both bring something different to the business but it works and creating a business that was our own was a dream we both shared.”

Do you have a favourite style of floral design?

This is a tough one! There is so much incredible work out there and so many amazing styles – Jess is definitely more drawn to traditional florals and I love natives and the weird and wonderful so I think combining these two is our niche and probably something we are more drawn to. 

What are couples asking you for at the moment?

Natives have come back in a big way as well as mixing dried and fresh florals together, that’s definitely something we have noticed but I think couples are really looking to push the boundaries and there is a huge demand to create something special and unique with flowers as a huge feature on the day. 

What do you predict will be trending floral styles in 2019?

 I think we will continue to see more of the 70’s boho look that has come back really big in the last 2 years as well as moving away from traditional foliage and flowers and opting for more unique styles like colour blocking, spray painting leaves and flowers and more installation work which has been a growing trend over the years. 

Is there a venue/location that has really stood out to you? 

This is by far the hardest question! We’re so spoiled working in this industry to be able to travel and see so many incredible venues and locations. Sydney-wise we have done a few weddings and events at Ovolo in Wooloomooloo and not only is the space really cool, the venue is so easy to work with, I also recently got married myself at The Boathouse in Palm beach, the group as a whole have so many beautiful locations and are a dream to work with as a vendor and as a client. 

If you could give couples just one tip for choosing the floral styling for their wedding day, what would it be?

I think choosing a florist whose work you really love is important, I have so many florist friends who are so incredibly talented and all the time are asked to replicate other florists work, I think it’s important to know what you like and it’s great to have a bit of vision but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to have someone create something truly personal and beautiful for your big day.