We recently had a chat to the team at Merivale about the “World of Merivale Weddings”. With an array of stunning venues, Merivale caters to all sorts of wedding events and styles. Their various venues take inspiration from around the world, quite literally helping couples to choose from a world of Merivale wedding venues.

We chatted about everything from top tips for couples booking their big day, to the best winter wedding venues in Sydney. Here’s what they had to say.

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The stunning ivy Ballroom venue.

1. When did Merivale start running weddings at their venues, and how many of the venues can now be booked for weddings?

Last year marked the 10 year anniversary of ivy Ballroom, our largest wedding space. However, we have been celebrating special moments with our guests across all venues for decades in hospitality! 

We have 6 dedicated wedding venues on weekends for traditional stylish weddings of all sizes. We also specialise in cocktail and restaurant weddings across over 70 venues. In the last few years, we are seeing a strong trend towards more casual cocktail weddings which we are loving.

2. In your opinion, what is the best Merivale venue for a wedding? Or is it too hard to choose?

You cannot go past Ivy Ballroom with such a beautiful candle backdrop inbuilt. The venue is warm and intimate for your special day with up to 350 guests. Ivy Ballroom really has it all, with plenty of room for dancing, a private terrace, high staff ratio and freedom for all kinds of entertainment and styling. There is even rigging from the ceiling for performers, additional chandeliers or statement flower installations. The beauty of the venue being within the Merivale precinct is that it’s easy for your guests to head out into one of our many other bars all together after your wedding, without losing everyone to taxis!

3. Are there any Merivale venues that lend themselves to ceremonies and receptions, so couples can have their entire wedding at that one venue?

Ivy Sunroom is perfect for both your ceremony and seated wedding reception. You get your own private terrace too. It literally has it all for the bride who wants an intimate wedding within an iconic precinct.

4. Coming into winter, we love the idea of cosy winter weddings. Of all the Merivale venues, which ones are best suited for the cooler months? 

Our winter pick is definitely Establishment Ballroom, with warm tones and enough natural light to keep any bride happy.  Personally, my favourite things about this space is the city outlook and the marble accents, creating a great base for any floral arrangement.   

5. What would be your top tip to couples when it comes to choosing a wedding venue?

For the best atmosphere, stay true to who you are as a couple and everything else will shine on the day because it’s truly your style that your guests will feed off.

For venue décor, think about the carpet and flooring. It’s the one thing in the venue you cannot change so any of your planned tones should work with it and not against it!

6. Have you learnt any particularly useful “wedding hacks” from couples over the years, that could be helpful for couples who are starting to plan their wedding? 

Really consider your whole budget before you start booking things so that you can feel comfortable and avoid stress down the track. Consider the things that are important to lock in early, and get these sorted. Don’t over think it – if something feels right and is within your budget, then it’s probably the right choice. Also, if you can’t decide on something, then speak with your wedding planner or venue expert, they do it every weekend and have a volume of knowledge ready to be tapped into.

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