We recently had a chat to the team at DazzleFX, who do an incredible job of adding that special touch of “wow” to weddings in Sydney and regional NSW.  A family run business, DazzleFX specialises in highly creative and customised fireworks displays for couple’s wedding events. We chatted to them about everything from the logistics of organising fireworks for your wedding event, to the latest trends in firework displays. Here’s a sneak peak of our chat with the team. If you would like to book DazzleFX for your big day, they currently have an exclusive offer running with wedBooker.

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  1. Would you mind telling us a little about DazzleFX, how the business was started and what DazzleFX specialise in? 

DazzleFX started as a result of the passion we have for fireworks.  DazzleFX is a family run business, based in Sydney’s Hills District.  We specialise in creative, customised indoor and outdoor firework displays and special effects which are delightfully different.  At DazzleFX, we offer an exceptional level of customer service, second to none. We love working closely with our clients to create a unique show just for them. 

  1. Fireworks are certainly a special touch to any wedding event. How accessible is adding a fireworks show to a wedding? 

With safety at the heart of every display we do, there are a few important things to keep in mind if you are planning to have outdoor fireworks.  Space is the first thing. A small outdoor fireworks show requires a lot of space – a minimum of 30 metres clear of people, property and protected works.  

Time is also something to keep in mind.  We need to allow enough time for notifications to be sent and permits to be issued.  As a minimum, we would need two weeks’ notice.

  1. What about all the paperwork, insurance, permits and so on? Who takes care of this if a couple is seeking a fireworks display at their venue? 

DazzleFX takes care of everything!  As fully insured and licensed pyrotechnicians, we are required to obtain the necessary permits, and provide notifications to all relevant authorities (Police, local councils, Fire & Rescue, etc).

  1. What fireworks displays or additions are trending for couples this year? 

The biggest trend we’ve seen this year for weddings is indoor fireworks and dry ice.  Our Sparkular machines generate a stunning silver fountain effect, just like traditional indoor fireworks.  The dry ice produces a beautiful, thick low-lying fog across the dancefloor, just like a cloud which makes for some sensational photos and videos.  

There are many benefits to the Sparkular machines as opposed to traditional indoor fireworks.  They are non-pyrotechnic, meaning that there is no need for venues to disable smoke alarms or sprinkler systems.  They are 100% safe, environmentally friendly, and produce no smell. Sparkulars can also be fired multiple times, so we like to work with couples to synchronise the display with their first dance song.

  1. What information do couples need to have on hand before reaching out to get a quote? (i.e. location, permission, etc..)

We generally require basic details such as the date, the venue, and whether the venue has granted permission for fireworks to be used.  We are always happy to discuss any concerns the couple’s chosen venue may have regarding fireworks at their establishment.

  1. What was the most spectacular wedding venue DazzleFX have dazzled with their show?

All the venues we have worked with have fantastic qualities which make them special.  For example, an outdoor fireworks display at Riverside Oaks looks amazing viewed from inside the reception room, with the floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the golf course.  For a dry ice and Sparkular show, Loxley on Bellbird Hill has a beautiful deck area surrounded by gardens, which provides a spectacular backdrop for a first dance.


P.S. If you would like to book DazzleFX for your big day, they currently have an exclusive offer running with wedBooker.