Josh and Rebecca were married at Del Rios of Mount Anakie in Victoria, with the help of the talented Darling Don’t Panic. Their wedding was set in a clear marquee decorated with stunning floral arrangements and long white tables. We had a chat to Josh and Rebecca about their beautiful wedding, and the engagement that led to this big day. Their engagement story was simply incredible, so we had to share it with you…

We had just flown to Brunei for Josh’s cousin’s wedding and it was the start of a 3 week holiday. We had just checked into a nice resort and he had organized a dinner at one of the restaurants. When we turned up to the restaurant they ushered us along a trail of rose petals out to a gazebo in the middle of their pool overlooking the ocean. The gazebo was decorated with roses and orchids. After we finished a lovely 3-course meal Josh asked me if I’d like to see a magic trick. I reluctantly accepted and he proceeded to pull out a deck of cards. He asked me to choose a card from the deck, I chose the Queen of Hearts. He made me write my name on the card with a marker and then asked me to put it back in the deck. He began shuffling the deck and then pulled the top card out, which wasn’t my card.. He feigned something went wrong, flipped the deck over and laid all the cards out. The Queen of Hearts was missing. He said sometimes this happens and asked me to check in my handbag. Nothing there either. He then pointed to a grapefruit on the table hidden in their flower arrangement and said maybe have a look in there. I proceeded to cut open the grapefruit and I found a card rolled up inside it. I began unravelling the card and my heart started to beat rapidly.. It was the Queen of Hearts but my name had been replaced with “Will you marry me?”

How did Rebecca and Josh feeling about wedding planning?

We also asked Rebecca and Josh about their experience of planning a wedding. They had a positive experience and found the process exciting, largely due to the help from fantastic suppliers, most notably Darling Don’t Panic.

In their own words, Rebecca and Josh’s planning experience:

“It was so fun and exciting planning our wedding. There were times it was stressful, however we were constantly brainstorming and coming up with personal touches to make it an incredible day which was really fun. We were so happy with all the vendors who executed our wedding perfectly on the day! Having the support of Jac from Darling Don’t Panic really helped. I’m quite the control freak so having someone with industry experience to guide and help plan our perfect day was amazing!”

The importance of choosing talented Suppliers and Venues who show up professionally on the day of your wedding is incredibly important. Trusting the businesses you engage for your wedding events (excuse the pun) means that you can enjoy the lead up to your big day. Below is the list of Suppliers and the Venue that Rebecca and Josh used for their wedding.

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Wedding Supplier and Venue List

  • Wedding Planner and Stylist: Darling Don’t Panic
  • Wedding location: Del Rios of Mount Anakie, Victoria
  • Florist: Mr Collins
  • Marquee: Ballarat Party Hire
  • Linen: Table Art
  • Plates, Cutlery, Green Wall: Elderberry
  • Band: Siesta Cartel
  • DJ: Isaac Main