Hello Beautiful Couples! This week on The Wedding Digest podcast, Luce and Ally chat about unique Wedding Registry ideas. A piece of the wedding puzzle that is often overlooked or left to the last minute.

With so many of us over the homeware registries, but not entirely comfortable with the cash collecting of a wishing well; this episode is for you! There are so many amazing, unique and customisable wedding registry options out there, you are bound to find your perfect registry fit on this list.

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1. The Honeymoon Registry

Most will have heard of this one before and there’s a reason for that; it’s such a good idea!!

To set up a honeymoon registry, simply let you guests know where you are heading off too and allow them to choose which part of the holiday they would like to contribute towards, or which experience they would like to gift you.

Think a beautiful dinner for two, sunset cocktails on a cliff bar, shark diving experience, a night at an exclusive resort…massages, or even just buying you a drink or two at the hotel bar. This registry gives your guests a variety of fun and unique options to choose from and as a result you’ll be gifted surprise experiences throughout your honeymoon that you may have otherwise missed.

A honeymoon registry also leads into the perfect thank you card. Snap a cute photo of you two enjoying the gifted experience and send it back to your guest with a note letting them know how much you enjoyed the experience.

2. The Homebuilding Registry

Haven’t heard of this one? You’ll be glad you have once we explain this fantastic registry idea to you…If you’re looking to buy or build your home this registry is the perfect opportunity for your guests to contribute to something monumental in your life which is exciting yet expensive; buying or renovating your dream home.

Loved ones can help with down payments, or contributions towards home renovations. A homebuilding registry can be broken down into line items, so your guests can choose what they contribute towards or contribute to a part of your home that means something to them. This could be contributing to that fireplace you have been dreaming to install, painting the bedrooms or picking an amazing interior design piece that you have your eye on.

This sort of registry goes well beyond just the experience or the gift. Your guests are helping you build a life together.

3. Gift card registry

If you’re not sure exactly what you’d like, but a wishing well and cash just doesn’t sit well with you then a gift card registry might be right up your alley.

Your guests can gift you a gift card to a store they know you love, or to a homewares store and leave a note saying, ‘pick out a perfect vase’. It’s a great way for your guests to personalise their gift, by sending you to a particular store while allowing you to make the final decision on what to buy, ensuring you’ll absolutely love it and use it forever.

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4. Charity registry

If there is truly nothing you desire except for the company of your guests on your big day then perhaps consider picking a charity you’re passionate about and asking your guests to contribute, that way your wedding gifts are making a difference in an area that matters to you.

When you have made the contribution on behalf of your guests, send them each a thank you note letting them know what a difference they have made and to which charity.

5. Foodie registry

Ok, this one has my name on it!

If you love great food, dining out or just any food experience look no further, the food registry was made for you. Set up a registry of your favourite restaurants or just ask each guest to give you a voucher to their favourite restaurant or food experience and you’ll end up with a year’s worth of dinner dates sorted and the opportunity to explore some cool new places you may not have otherwise considered.

6. Adrenalin junkie registry

This registry is pretty self explanatory, but gosh does it sound fun!

If you have a bucket list of crazy adventures or experiences you and your partner want to do together, make a registry for your guests to choose from. They can send you on a heart thumping adventure and I can honestly say here, I don’t think you’d forget it!

7. The pick of the bunch: Ruby Bloom Registry

Check out Ruby Bloom Registry, they are the unique wedding registry experts! It’s not just glassware and vases, there are thousands of unique gifts that come directly from the marketplace of sellers. From homewares, art, trips and experiences they offer you a registry that honestly has it all…there is a reason they are one of our absolute favs!

On top of this they are true supporters of local businesses, so if you are looking for a registry that has it all; Ruby Bloom Registry would be my first stop.

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Ruby Bloom Gift Registry offers thousands of unique gifts from a marketplace of sellers.


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