Gone are the days of disappearing wedding invitations in the post and handwritten lists. No more quotes scribbled down on post-it notes and receiving the same wedding gift three times over. Modern wedding planning is all about going digital, and we’re loving that so many couples are getting techy when it comes to organising their big day. Not only does it simplify the wedding planning process, it’s also better for the environment (yes, you eco-warrior) and friendlier on the pocket – what’s not to love? And, it was these reasons that wedBooker was born in the first place. 

We’re all for the tech, so you can go totally new-school with these five digital trends for the modern bride.

1. Make your wedding #goals

Being such a special day, couples can feel a lot of pressure to get it “just right” and feel overwhelmed by all the decisions. Do you go with a rustic or classic theme? A traditional church ceremony or a laid-back garden affair? And what about the colour scheme? Introducing Pinterest – your visual best friend. For us, it’s the ultimate place to house all of your #weddinginspo. Long gone are the piles of wedding magazines and photos blue-tacked all over the walls, Pinterest is the must-have mood-board tool. We love that you can create private boards, categorise all your images, share pictures with friends and pin your ideas for everything from dresses to table settings and flowers. You can even snap away in realtime and upload your photos directly to your account – a necessity for a bride with a sudden burst of inspiration. Be warned though, the wedBooker team is addicted!

 2. Budget like a boss 

We all know that weddings can be quite an expense. So what’s the best way to set a budget? And more importantly, stick to it? Many banks and financial institutions offer couples savings accounts with low-interest rates to help save for the big day, as well as apps to help you get on top of that wedding saving. We love Commonwealth Bank’s Goal Tracker, that sets realistic targets for your saving goals. And, apps like Pocketbook integrate seamlessly with your online banking to track every cent you spend – from your morning coffee to the perfect pair of bridal shoes. WedBooker’s planning dashboard is also perfect for keeping track of your budget and spend so far. Who thought budgeting could be so easy?

3. Keep that list in check

When it comes to planning a wedding, budgeting and checklists go hand in hand. Keeping on-top of those checklists is important! We’ve all heard at least one wedding horror story – cake disasters, no-show photographers, drunken aunts and of course, the big one, budgets blowing out. Last-minute bookings and rushed decisions are often the things that blow your budget (say adios to your Greek Island honeymoon fund), so staying organised is the best way to remain stress-free and on track with your wedding budget. We get the modern bride, so wedBooker has put together a trusted network of suppliers so you won’t ever be left high and dry. Plus, we send you friendly reminders when payments or important tasks are due, so you can keep on top of your checklist and your budget. This means less time for stress and more time for champagne! #winning.

4. Save your sanity and save the planet

According to the Huffington Post, a wedding of 100 to 120 guests can produce upwards of 250 kilograms of rubbish. For those environmentally conscious couples, surely that doesn’t sit well on their conscience. So, why not embrace the modern bridge and reduce your paper footprint by getting a bespoke invitation design that directs your guest to a wedding website? Riley & Grey offer completely customisable website templates and personalised URLs so your guests can easily access the important information online. When it comes to guest management, it’s easy darling – the site is packed full of amazing features including instant online RSVPing for your guests and the capacity to add dietary requirements. For a fun touch, couples can even ask their guests to nominate their favourite tune that’ll get them busting moves on the dance floor. Go paperless like a pro and join the trend that’s easier on the environment, and your pocket.

5. Make gifting a breeze

It’s the day after your wedding, and you’re unboxing all the wedding gifts from family and friends given to you the night before. You open a beautiful set of silverware… and then another. Avoid the awkward confrontation of returning duplicate or unwanted gifts with an online registry. One of the biggest wedding trends in recent years, modern brides are turning their backs on traditional gift registries and going digital. My Gift Registry and The Wedding Nest both offer easy ways to create online wedding gift registries or wishing wells. Guests are able to contribute towards a list of items for the happy couple or send money towards a wishing well instead.

Book your wedding online

The digital wedding trend is here to stay, for one very good reason – it’s helping couples to book their dream wedding with less stress and more fun. If having more time to enjoy being engaged to your partner and celebrating with friends sounds good to you, then you’re going to love wedBooker (if we can toot our own horn for a minute). Founded by two couples who found wedding planning time consuming and stressful, wedBooker aims to remove just that, by sourcing and booking your venue and suppliers quickly and easily online. Now that we’ve given you some tech-savvy tips to help digitise your big day, go forth and start planning! 

Do you have any wedding planning tech tips we should know about? Let us know. 

Until next time, love the wedBooker Team xo