Hello Beautiful Couples, Ally here. You may have heard on the podcast this week that we chatted with the gorgeous wedding photographer Zoe Morley all about her surprise wedding to her hubby Jewel.

We love a good surprise wedding, there’s something so thrilling about turning up to an engagement party only to discover that the couple you’re celebrating are actually tying the knot! So, if you’ve been tossing up whether or not to throw a surprise wedding, or you’re wanting to do something unique for your big day but not quite sure what, then we have the tips for you!

Here are my top tips on how to pull off the ultimate surprise wedding… Who do you tell? How do you avoid the secret getting out? What are the challenges? How do you go about the big reveal? We’ve got the answers.

Happy reading! xx

Photo credit: Nadine Saacks Photography

What is a surprise wedding?

A surprise wedding is really just as it sounds, a wedding that only you and your partner know about. They are often planned as engagement parties and then you surprise all of your guests with a celebrant and turn up in your dress to get married on the spot. They are such a fun way to have a fuss free wedding while still including all of your friends and family.

How many people should a couple include on the surprise to help them make it happen?

As few as possible, or the ones you can trust.

Your partner and you may need one wingman each, maybe your maid-of-honour or besties to help your plan the whole thing and relieve some stress. If you would like the day to be a surprise for everyone, hiring a Wedding Planner is always a great idea.

It may be a good idea to consider telling your mums as well, I’m not sure how well mothers would take this surprise and what mum doesn’t love being involved in something special?

What are the best styles of surprise wedding?

I don’t think you can go too wrong with the old engagement party turned surprise wedding, or big birthday party converted into a wedding.

How long do you need to plan a surprise wedding? And can it be done interstate or as a destination surprise wedding?

Depends on how extravagant or big the day is, but if it’s an engagement turned wedding then the time frame will be similar to that of planning an engagement party. From there add on a Wedding Planner, Celebrant, Florist, Cake and some good microphones and you are ready to go!

The only piece that may delay your surprise wedding is the dress; some designers require 6-12 months to make a custom gown so chat to your designer when selecting your bridal gown so that it fits to your wedding timeline.

How do you invite your guests to a surprise wedding and making sure they all come but without giving too much away?

Invite them as though it’s a really lavish or cool party, send proper invites and make a big deal of it.

Ask for RSVPs early and if someone key says they can’t come, find a way to get them there. You could even have a mutual friend convince them to come or if they are overseas you may need to drop a hint.

Top 3 tips to pull off the perfect surprise wedding?

    1. Be organised, have your bestie or a planner there to help. They are big things to pull off and you don’t need that stress on your own.
    2. Long lead times on RSVPs and an early start time. People are often fashionably late to parties, unlike weddings, so if you plan to walk down the aisle at 3pm ask people to arrive at 1pm so they are all there for the moment.
    3. Appear before you walk down the aisle in another more normal dress, this will throw your guests right off the scent.

Feeling inspired by the idea of a surprise wedding? Check out Zoe Morley’s stunning surprise wedding photos here!

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