With some restrictions starting to ease this week, so many couples are excited by the prospect of picking up their wedding plans again and setting a new date for their dream day.

Like so many couples, Jasmine Lindsay, the brains behind luxury sleepwear brand Jasmine and Will had to postpone her 2020 wedding to fiancé, Sam, due to COVID-19. But Jasmin didn’t let 2020 go to waste, with post COVID-19 wedding plans in action and a new business launched, she is a bride who isn’t afraid of juggling it all.

With their wedding originally planned in beautiful Tuscany during the European Summer as a part of an intimate family holiday, Jasmine and Sam knew that COVID-19 may restrict their travel plans, maybe before many. In this episode Jasmine tells us all about the impacts COVID-19 had on her business as early as January 2020; what her big day was going to look like; and her new plans for a local wedding. Jasmine is inspiring and open about being a bride and an entrepreneur. She spoke to The Wedding Digest about how she launched The Bridal Edit and if her original wedding dress chosen for her Tuscan wedding will be walking down the aisle on her new wedding day in Australia.

Jasmine Lindsay

How did you navigate COVID-19 from a business perspective?

“2020 has definitely been a year character building that’s for sure, I think all of us have been impacted in some way”

For her business Jasmine and Will, Jasmine said: “we started to see the impact of COVID-19, kind of Christmas, last year… really early this year. A lot of our production comes from offshore in China…so, with a quick move, we started to pivot towards Indonesia”.

What did your 2020 Wedding Plans originally look like and when did you make the decision to postpone?

Jasmine said she was lucky to have seen the impacts of COVID-19 earlier than most, via her business, allowing her to make the decision to postpone her wedding before it impacted too many people.

‘We had planned to have our wedding in Europe, in Tuscany for the European summer.”

“We were doing something really small… I’m just about family. So, whilst it was upsetting, it didn’t disrupt 100 people’s travel plans”.

‘We were really just paused, and said, let’s come back to this when the world looks different again and that’s pretty much where we’re at now.”

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Have you started making new plans for your Wedding?

While Jasmine would love to be married under the European Summer sun, she is realistic that things may not go back to ‘normal’ for some time and with her family all over Australia having them there is the most important thing.

“We will most probably get married in Australia now, and probably the same thing. Just a small family wedding but at this stage, Sam’s family are in Tasmania, my family’s in Queensland.”

“I know a lot of people have shifted (setting new dates) but we just made the decision that we will do something with our family when the time is right and we can all be together”.

How did you go about planning a wedding in Italy?

Due to her busy work schedule, Jasmine knew she would need the help of an on the ground wedding planner to make her Italian wedding dreams come true. Being a smaller, more intimate wedding of just 30 people, much of the styling could be done from home, but Jasmine highly recommends anyone planning an overseas wedding enlist the help of a planner who knows the local landscape.

“I already knew what we liked, and the type of music we would want it etc. So really it was just a matter of providing that information to the wedding planner and getting her to help find the right suppliers for us.”

“So many of us are busy and working and running our own businesses these days that when you pay for a wedding planner, it’s not actually a luxury, it’s a matter of time management I think in so many ways.’

Jasmine found her amazing planner via Instagram, which is where we continue to find so much of our wedding inspiration.

During all of this, Jasmine also started a new business called The Bridal Edit…

Jasmin teamed up with long term friend Lisa who runs Pre-Loved Clothing, (an online shop that sells pre-loved designer pieces) to create The Bridle Edit that does that just that, but for pre-loved Wedding gowns. Offering brides to be a more affordable and greener way to find their dream wedding dress.

‘We were both engaged, and we’ve been looking at wedding dresses, and they are so expensive, so we thought there has to be a more accessible way to purchase these dresses.”

‘Being brides looking for dresses we thought, there’s so much opportunity here, for a wedding dress resale market. And we started asking around and speaking to our friends and that’s really how it started.”

Jasmine’s new designer wedding gown business The Bridal Edit

Can you please tell us about your wedding dress?

“It was the only dress I tried on actually and it just worked.”

‘It was just very romantic and comfortable which was important to me, it felt right for an outdoor Tuscany wedding”.

And will the dress, bought for a Tuscan wedding suit Jasmine’s new Australian wedding plans?

“It probably could. But you know what I think we will most probably do something really small and intimate here and I will wear something that fits with that.’

Jasmine’s Top 3 Tips to creating an amazing Wedding:

    1. Your attitude, don’t take any mishaps too seriously and enjoy the day
    2. Make sure you are marrying the right guy
    3. Do what’s right for you two, whether that be the guest list, the flowers… the dress, whatever it is, it’s about being able to filter the noise.

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In today’s episode of @theweddingdigest we chat to luxury sleepwear designer Jasmine Lindsay about planning her overseas nuptials and launching a wedding business during COVID19.  Jasmine had planned to wed her fiancé Sam in an intimate summer wedding in Tuscany this year, sounds dreamy right? But planning a wedding remotely can have its challenges, and lucky for us, the founder of the luxury sleepwear brand @JasmineandWill generously shares her top tips for couples considering a wedding abroad! Unfortunately, with overseas travel cancelled, the couple have been forced to press pause on their European nuptials. Jasmine noticed that many engaged couples impacted by COVID19 like herself, had started to change their thinking and perception of their dream wedding day. And this inspired the creative entrepreneur to launch a new sustainable business, @bridal_edit, consigning and selling immaculate, pre-loved designer wedding gowns. We couldn’t love the idea more! This chat with Jasmine has multiple layers so we hope you enjoy it. Happy listening lovers! Link to the podcast in our bio 💫 #weddingpodcast #theweddingdigest #wedbooker #weddingblog #weddingdirectory #weddingplatform #weddingbookings #weddinginspo #australianweddings #weddingceremony #realwedding #destinationweddings #jasmineandwill #bridalgowns #prelovedweddingdresses #jasminelindsay

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