Ever since Australia’s favourite Bachelor couple Matty J and Laura Bryne got engaged in April 2019 we’ve been holding our breath waiting for the fairy-tale wedding!

Ally and Lucy sat down with Matty J to find out where the couple were up to in their wedding planning journey, the groom-to-be sheepishly admitted it was his fault their nuptials weren’t locked in for this year, but as it turns out it was a blessing given the mess 2020 has turned out to be!

The reality stars are set to tie the knot at the end of 2021, and Matty J has taken the reins on planning their big day, the former Bachelor opens up about the process and also gets some much-needed advice from our very own Wedding Planner Ally!

We hope you love this fun and refreshing chat with our very first Groom on the pod, Matty J.

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We may be generalising when we say it’s rare for the Groom to take the reins when it comes to planning a wedding, but former Australian Bachelor Matty J is breaking the mould, which seems fair given he also found his fiancée on a reality TV show, so he isn’t one to do things by the book!

“I used to work in events before the Bachelor. I like to fancy myself as someone who knows what they’re doing when it comes to organizing a gig. So I was like, babe, don’t worry. I’ve got this! Laura didn’t know me before The Bachelor, obviously, but I was like this is my job. This is what I do. I’ve got all the templates, spreadsheets, budgets, all ready to go.””

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The former event manager turned radio and podcast host popped the question to his jewellery designer girlfriend Laura Byrne in April 2019 while on their baby-moon in Fiji, two years after they found love on Season 5 of The Bachelor.

The couple welcomed their daughter, Marlie-Mae in June 2019.

With Marlie-Mae now 15 months, the first-time Dad admitted on The Wedding Digest by wedBooker podcast, that he had expected to be married by now!

Photo source: Matty J Instagram

“We originally thought we were going to get married this year. Except I’m going to say it’s down to the fact that I’m very unorganized that we didn’t, but it kind of worked out in our favour though, because if we had planned to get married this year, then those plans would have been absolutely obliterated because of COVID”

Despite a degree in Event Management and years of experience producing corporate events in the U.K, Matty J confessed he has found the juggle between fatherhood, work commitments and wedding planning, tough to manage.

“You know what I think it’s definitely having a little baby in the mix, it’s shifted our priorities, trying to juggle being a Dad to Marlie-Mae and also trying to work as well. It just meant that anything that was non-critical, i.e the wedding just got pushed to the bottom of the to do list”

But Matty J says the wedding planning is back on track with a date set for the end of 2021.  The couple are on the hunt for an idyllic venue on the NSW North or South Coast, ruling out a Queensland ceremony, where Matty is originally from.

The couple have spent the past week in Byron Bay and planned to visit several potential wedding venues while there.

“The things that we definitely wanted was to have a beach feel and not necessarily like on the sand, but just close to the beach.”

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Setting a strict limit of 100 people Matty J admits their biggest challenge will be culling the guest list.

The former Bachelor is also remaining firm on the budget, stating he and Laura want a relaxed day and nothing too extravagant.

“I like to keep a pretty strong hold of the budget. At the moment we’re looking between $40,000 to $60,000”

“We were looking at some venues that you had to bring in  a marquee structure, and then all of a sudden the costs were blowing out to $70,000 and we would rather spend that kind of money going towards our first home as opposed to throwing it away on just one night”

While Matty J has a pretty clear idea of what he wants their big day to look like, he did need the help of wedBooker Wedding Planner Ally, on whether to allow kids at the reception or not, thankfully Ally had a great solution!

“I’ve had couples that have a separate room in the wedding location, whether it be upstairs or in the little cottage on the same place, and they book three or four babysitters to look after a whole group of kids at once on the venue. So, the parents if they need to, they can go in and feed or they can check on the kids through the night.”

Photo source: Matty J Instagram

One child who will most definitely be in attendance is of course Matty and Laura’s daughter Marlie-Mae who will be 2 and a half when they tie the knot.

“I think she’ll be old enough to be able to take on the responsibility of being flower girl. I’m going to be a blubbering mess. I get I get a little bit emotional.”

One aspect of the wedding Matty J is letting Laura take the reins on is designing their wedding rings, and the blushing groom has a good idea of what he’s after.

 “I think a black diamond in white gold and something quite thin and delicate.”

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