Hey Guys, Ally here. On this week’s episode of The Wedding Digest Podcast Luce and I decided to talk through all of the creative and fun ways couples are celebrating their weddings, under the current COVID restrictions. With no dancefloor in NSW, limited size weddings in most States, share plates not allowed, and most weddings having to proceed without a few important guests; in this episode we share some of the positive things you can do to still make your Wedding day a total blast.

Happy reading beautiful couples xx

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What are some of the wedding traditions that are no longer possible?

Ah this list feels never ending and that just sucks! We are thinking of all the beautiful couples out there that are facing these limitations. Cutting of the cake or even having a cake on open display is no longer allowed, a dancefloor in some states is not permitted (what a huge bummer), and sadly no singing or tossing of the bouquet.

There are a lot of traditions that have been banned due to restrictions but that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to either still include these traditions, or ensure the day is just as fun without them.

What are some ideas, that couples can use to celebrate on their wedding day?

Interactive games have been on the rise this year. They are a great way to keep your guests entertained, have a laugh and a truly great time. Here are some options; The Shoe Game, Heads or Tails, Table Trivia. There are plenty more.  You can even offer a prize at the end or even create a game that gets a few people up on the dancefloor for a solo spin and shake if they are bold enough.

Missing a bouquet toss? Place stars under all the single ladies’ chairs and then ask them to check what colour star they have; the winner might have the gold star or something slightly different to everyone else.

Missing out on the cutting of the cake? There are a few options here.

The first is to have two cakes, one that is on display, not to be eaten but that you can cut together while a second stays safely in the kitchen and comes out cut once you have finished the formal cutting of cake one.

Or cut a display cake and then have personalised dessert boxes dropped at each guest’s seat with a piece of cake, or some other amazing dessert treat that your partner and you love.

Think you and your guests will be missing out on some fun? Add in a photobooth, or why not go out with a bang and shoot some fireworks into the sky…well let the professionals do this but what a beautiful way to end the night.

What else can I do to entertain my guests without a dancefloor?

You and your partner can still dance, just the two of you. So why not make it a performance, learn a slow dance and then break into a surprise choregraphed hip hop routine.

If you’re not up for the choreography, you can leave it up to the professionals and bring in a band, choir, orchestra or a wow factor singer to provide some amazing entertainment throughout the night. With your guests seated, you can think a little outside of the box when it comes to musical entertainment on your big day. Hey, why not even hire a hula hoop performer or a comedian, let your wedding be one that no one will forget.

Another great idea is to make your wedding a long lunch, rather than a night-time event. A time when you have endless sunshine to enjoy each other’s company and a setting that doesn’t call for a dancefloor quite as much.

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If you’re downsizing your wedding and have been left with extra budget to splurge, where can it go?

Food and wine are always a great place to upgrade, if you have downsized from 200 guests to 50 you may now have the budget to serve French Champagne all night. That’s a huge win!

Some couples are now choosing to have a more intimate ceremony followed by a small dinner or lunch with family and friends, with a huge party planed for their 1 year anniversary. A great way to include everyone.

Or why not do both: have two sittings. Invite your family to a post ceremony lunch sitting and then all of your close friends to a second dinner sitting later that day. This would also call for two dresses and you know how much we love that.

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If you have found yourself grappling with how to work around the current restrictions and still have an amazing day, these are just some of the ways you can ensure everyone has a blast and your day is truly one to remember.

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