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wedBooker's core mission is to create a platform that helps Couples to book their wedding without limits, and for professional wedding businesses to win the work they deserve. As such, our payment model is fully transparent, and has been structured to suit our mission.

There are no fees of any sort for Couples to book with wedBooker.

For businesses, there are no fees to advertise, quote and win work, you simply need to cover the small payment gateway fee of 1.2% on jobs you win. It's that simple.

We often get asked if we are planning to introduce booking fees. This is not currently in the plan, and what we can assure you is:

1. There are no fees except for the small Payment Gateway fee of 1.2% that our businesses are required to cover on their bookings. This will be the case for the foreseeable future – we are focused on creating a truly valuable marketplace for our Couples and businesses
2. If we introduce a booking fee, our wedBooker businesses will be the first to know about it
3. There are no lock in periods, so you can decide if wedBooker suits your business at any point in time
4. We are fully transparent with our Couples and businesses and always will be. There will never be any hidden fees for either Couples or businesses.

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