Corona Support Package

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Firstly, if you are a couple having to postpone your wedding due to the Coronavirus outbreak, our hearts are with you. At times like these, it’s so important to hold onto the positivity in life. We are on a mission to help couples like yourself, who are postponing their weddings, to keep their bookings with their dream team, and to look forward to their big day (just a little later than hoped).

In response to couples requests, we have put together a package with our Head Wedding Planner Ally, to help assist couples to postpone their weddings, in the most stress-free way possible.


1. Phone call with our professional Wedding Planner, Ally

Over an initial 45min call with Ally (who has over 10 years experience in weddings), you’ll be able to discuss your wedding plans, and put together a “plan-of-attack” for postponing your wedding to a new date. She will help you to understand all your options, so you can be confident in making the best choice for you! She will also make sure you are aware of all the necessary details, to ensure you don’t forget anything important and get caught out with unneeded problems or expenses down the track.

2. Personalised To-Do List

Off the back of your phone call with our Wedding Planner Ally, you will receive a personalised to-do-list, that comprehensively lays out all the tasks you need to tick off, to ensure you postpone your wedding without missing any details.

3. Personalised Communication Templates

Based on your wedding plans, we will provide you with three key communication templates – one for your Venue, one for your Suppliers, and one for your Wedding Guests, to ensure that everyone is informed of all the key details and changes, without any confusions.

4. Final Wrap Up Phone Consult

Once you’ve ticked off your tasks, and sent out your communications to your Venue, Suppliers and Guests, you’ll have a final 30min wrap up call with our Wedding Planner Ally, to ensure you haven’t missed anything important.

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