wedBooker User & Community Guidelines

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wedBooker is proud to be a professional community of wedding suppliers and wedding venues (“Business(es)”) to provide their services to Couples. In order to uphold the high standard of professionalism within the wedBooker community, it is important that our Businesses follow these Professional Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) that incorporate our standards of behaviour and values when engaging with (the “Platfrom”). Adherence to these Guidelines will ensure that Businesses receive the work they deserve and Couples receive the services they are paying for.

wedBooker enforce these Guidelines to maintain the professional community which we operate. Accordingly, wedBooker is here to assist with any issues that arise in a Business’ use of the Platform. If you have an issue you wish to report, please Get In Touch and a member of the wedBooker team will gladly assist. We advise that these Guidelines will evolve as the Platform grows and we will notify our community of updates as they occur.

1. Business Account Eligibility

wedBooker is a professional community, ensuring that Couples receive the services they require for their wedding day and that Businesses are recognised for the work they do, can access more work and grow their business.

Accordingly, we have a few eligibility requirements for Buinesses to become a live wedBooker Busineess:

  1. Must have an Australian registered business and as such have an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  2. Must have an Australian bank account.
  3. Must have a website showcasing their work.
  4. Must provide references from previous couples who have used their services (upon request).

If you have any questions regarding your Business’ eligibility, please Get In Touch.

2. Your wedBooker Business Profile

It is your responsibility to keep your Profile up-to-date.  The wedBooker team is here to help and support your Business to ensure that your Profile showcases your Business.  We have an easy to follow Profile set-up process and can provide advice on how to get the most out of your Profile.

Your Profile is valuable, as are the reviews you can obtain.  As such, we do not permit the transferring of profiles from one business to another as this would give an unfair advantage and could mislead Couples.

wedBooker also does not permit the duplication of Profiles. wedBooker only permits one Profile (which is one account) per ABN.

wedBooker encourages a professional marketplace of trusted businesses. If a Business fails to deliver their promised service, and falls below what we deem to be the required standard, we reserve the right to remove the Business’ account until a resolution can be found. wedBooker will be happy to work with Businesses to maintain or re-activate their account as long as the Business is seen to be acting in an honourable, professional and trustworthy manner.

If you have any questions regarding your Business’ eligibility, please Get In Touch.

3. Quoting on and Completing Jobs

When your Quote is accepted, your Business must complete the Job. The Job must not be passed on to a third party for completion. The Job must be completed as agreed and outlined in the Quote that was submitted to the Couple on wedBooker, unless otherwise agreed with the Couple in writing.

4. Unacceptable behaviours

Community interaction is at the epicentre of the wedBooker offering.  As such we expect the wedBooker community to adhere to a certain level of behaviour and any behaviour that is negative or not in accordance with the standards set by wedBooker will result in a Couple or Business being removed from wedBooker or their account being suspended until the issue is investigated.

Such behaviour that is not permitted and could give rise to suspension or removal includes but is not limited to:

  1. Hatred or violence
  2. Discrimination
  3. Harassment
  4. Illegal behaviours
  5. Trolling
  6. Leaving inaccurate reviews
  7. Sourcing Jobs on wedBooker and booking them externally

5. Unsupported practices

Professionalism within our community is at the core of wedBooker’s success for Couples and Businesses. wedBooker works hard to ensure that our Community is harmonious, transparent and operational. As such, wedBooker does not permit nor accept the following behaviour, which could lead to the suspension or removal of the Users wedBooker account and Profile:

  1. Encouraging Jobs to be taken outside of the wedBooker Platform / Lead generation

wedBooker Couples and Businesses must secure and make payment for any Job sourced on wedBooker via the Platform and not encourage payment outside of the Platform. wedBooker works hard to provide our Couples with the tools they need to effectively and efficiently plan their wedding and for for businesses to grow. This includes the operation of our safe payment Platform and our review system. wedBooker monitors the sharing of personal information and the encouragement of work offsite very closely.  If it is suspected that a Business or Couple is encouraging payment outside of the Platfrom regarding a Job posted on the Platfrom, the Business or Couple will risk having their Profile removed from wedBooker.

  1. Fraudulent wedBooker reviews

Reviews are critical to quality control and to ensure that wedBooker remains a transparent marketplace. Fraudulent reviews are in breach of these Guidelines and the wedBooker Terms and Conditions.  wedBooker has the right to suspend or remove any User that posts a fraudulent review.

wedBooker also reserves the right in our absolute discretion to suspend the Profile of a Supplier whose rating drops below that acceptable to our professional community.

6. Pricing and payments

wedBooker works hard to ensure that the wedBooker Platform is a transparent, rewarding and secure marketplace for all Couples and Businesses.  We therefore request that all Users adhere to the payment processes and policies as highlighted below and in the Terms and Conditions to ensure the effectiveness of wedBooker payment systems.


Quotes must be fair and final, subject to any future requests of the Couple which may then lead to an amendment of the Quote. Incomplete Quotes or Quotes that mention further negotiation of the Quote and price outside of the wedBooker Platform are not permitted and could lead to the suspension of a Profile or removal of the User entirely from the Platform.

        2. Payment Methods

The following payment methods are support using wedBooker payment: direct debit, credit (Visa and Mastercard). For the avoidance of doubt, cash payments are not available via the Platform.

        3. Up to date banking details

We want to ensure you get paid for the work you book through wedBooker. We therefore request your assistance to ensure that your bank details are at all times up to date on the wedBooker Platform.

7. Feedback

We strive to keep wedBooker at the forefront of the wedding industry.  As such, we welcome all feedback and suggestions Users have in respect to the operation of the wedBooker Platform.  To provide feedback please Get In Touch.